Announcing the 3rd edition of America’s Nonprofit Sector: A Primer

By on June 28, 2012

The new, fully-revised third edition of Center Director Lester Salamon‘s vital text “America’s Nonprofit Sector: A Primer” has been issued by the Foundation Center. It can be ordered here.
This new edition uses the most recent data on the American nonprofit sector, gleaned from a variety of sources, to examine the sector’s scope, scale, and structure; the scale and distribution of nonprofit finances and where the money comes from; and how the sector has changed over time, both overall and in major fields like healthcare, education, arts, and religion. In addition, the Primer compares the nonprofit sector to government agencies and for-profits in all major fields of nonprofit activity, investigates the relationships between these sectors, and examines the challenges facing the sector today and potential scenarios for the future, should those trends continue.
Here are a few of the more surprising numbers discussed in detail in the Primer (click for full size):

Americas Nonprofit Sector Teaser_6.28.2012

Please visit the Foundation Center or Amazon to order the Primer.


Chelsea Newhouse is the Communications Manager for the Center for Civil Society Studies and manages the Center's Nonprofit Economic Data and Philanthropication thru Privatization Projects and the Nonprofit Works Interactive Database. Prior to joining the Center in 2008, she worked for the Johns Hopkins University Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics, the Baltimore Sun, and as a community organizer for Clean Water Action and the Democratic National Committee. She holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Virginia. Chelsea can be reached at