EVMP Technical Workshop | Warsaw | 28-29 September 2011

By on July 6, 2011

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The EVMP partners are delighted to announce that the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy will co-host a technical workshop for European statistics officials in Warsaw, Poland on September 28th and 29th. Funding for this meeting is being provided in part by the EU Commission’s funds for the European Year of Volunteering.
This workshop will aim to make European statistical offices aware of the ILO Manual on the Measurement of Volunteer Work. The program will offer a technical overview of and answer questions about the methodology employed in the Manual, explain what implementation of the Manual will accomplish, and what it will entail for statistics agencies, and encourage statistical officials to adopt it as a major tangible outcome of Europe’s 2011 Year of Volunteering. We will post a draft agenda for this training in the coming weeks.
This meeting will also provide the Central Statistical Office of Poland with an opportunity to present, discuss, and review the implementation of the ILO Manual. In turn, this will allow the statistics officials attending the technical training to see the Manual in action, and learn about what implementation involved for Poland form those who were involved in the process.
The ILO will send invitations to statistical officials from all 27 EU countries in mid-July. It is key to the success of the EVMP that as many countries as possible are represented at this event. Volunteer organizations, advocates, and civil society leaders can play an enormous role in making this meeting a success by contacting the national statistics agency in each country in which they operate to voice their support for adoption of the ILO Manual and to encourage these officials to attend the workshop. As funding allows, we will also invite a number of volunteer leaders from select countries to help catalyze stronger connections between volunteering advocates and the statistical officials with whom they will need to work to see the Manual implemented and the data disseminated and used.

“Europe of active citizens: volunteering” Immediately following the training, on 30 September, Warsaw will also host the European Economic and Social Committee Group III‘s conference “Europe of active citizens: volunteering.” Center for Civil Society Studies Director and EVMP partner Lester Salamon will present the keynote speech “Putting Volunteer Work on the Economic Map of the World: Why and How?”
Group III is drawn from a wide range of categories and interests from farmers’ organisations, small businesses, and the voluntary sector to the medical, legal, scientific and academic communities. The conference will provide an opportunity for members of Group III, a wide range of organisations representing the civil society sector in Poland, and high-ranking representatives of the Polish Presidency to discuss volunteering and the data generated by Poland’s implementation of the ILO Manual.
We look forward to being able to post more information about these meetings as it becomes available. Please be sure to check back for the technical training draft agenda and other updates during July and August!
originally published on 6 July 2011 at evmp.eu