MEPs continue to voice support for the measurement of volunteering in Europe

By on June 14, 2012

Following the recommendations to implement the ILO Manual issued by the European Commission in its September 2011 Communication on volunteering and by and the Council of the European Union in its October 2011 Conclusions the European Parliament adopted on 12 June 2012 a Report on recognising and promoting cross-border voluntary activities in the EU.
The adopted text includes a recommendation to the Member States to:

…adopt the use of the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Manual on the Measurement of Volunteer Work and the United Nations’ Handbook on Non-Profit Organisations with a view to making available comparable statistics and data providing a clear picture of the significant contribution made by volunteering and of the needs of volunteers and providers throughout the European Union.”

Furthermore, the Report calls on the European Commission to recommend the implementation of the Manual across the EU, “in order to ensure robust comparable data which can help improve monitoring and policy-making.”
“I believe that the adoption of such a Report shows that volunteering is an indispensable tool and active support for the expansion of a common public spirit,” declared Rapporteur MEP Marco Scurria in a press statement issued after the vote.
Initiated within the Committee on Culture and Education, the Report is backed by the Opinion of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, with MEP Marian Harkin as Rapporteur. The adoption of this Report can in fact be viewed as the ultimate expression of the outstanding support that Ms. Harkin and a number of other MEPs have shown for the ongoing efforts of the European Volunteer Measurement Project to make adoption of the ILO Manual and the measurement of volunteering a Europe-wide priority.
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