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By on April 21, 2013

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Circular n.6 of 28 March 2013
The Italian National Statistics Institute (ISTAT) has begun conducting interviews for the “2013 Daily Life Aspects” survey, involving 24,000 families across the Italy. The Measuring Economic and Social Value of Volunteer work (MESV) project is inserted within this survey; thanks to the agreement signed between ISTAT, CSVnet and the Volunteering and Participation Foundation, the Volunteer Support Centres (VSC) network offered its invaluable contribution to the new survey module devoted to volunteering, called “Unpaid Activities.” This module will allow us to measure unpaid activities carried out by the population and the economic value and social impact of voluntary activities in Italy.
The joint training sessions for VSC liaison staff and INSTAT regional officers working on the new module, held in February in Rome, achieved very positive outcomes.
CSVnet and VSC staff constituted a solid reference point in all of the regions for the INSTAT officers in charge of the survey. CSVnet prepared the additional materials for training interviewers and in support of the field work; moreover, it activated a participatory and competent Intranet environment (distance learning site) to stay up-to-date with the work in progress, share and fine-tune standard answers on classifications, unravel doubts on contents, and share materials and experiences.
The approachability and competence of VSC staff was very much appreciated by INSTAT officers. In over half of the regions, VSC staff directly trained interviewers in sessions held at the provincial level on the survey module on volunteering. This positive collaboration proves the VSC system as a competent and capable partner at national level.
Therefore we wish to thank staff for the great competence and passion shown and VSCs for the dedication to the project.
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Translated from the CSVnet – Circolare n.6 of 28 March 2013
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