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As detailed on the Getting Started page, some data—including average weekly wages and comparative and contextual data—and other features of Nonprofit Works are only available to Nonprofit Works Premium members. By becoming a Nonprofit Works Premium member, you will have access to all of the data and features available to free members, plus:

More Data. Nonprofit Works Premium members have access to additional data sets, including:

  • Average weekly wages.
  • Comparison of nonprofit employment, establishments, and wages to those in the for-profit and government (all levels) sectors.
  • Nonprofit share of private (nonprofit + for-profit) or total (nonprofit + for-profit + government) employment, establishments, and annual wages.
  • Nonprofit total employment and annual and average weekly wages in comparison to 5 other key industries (manufacturing, construction, retail trade, finance and insurance, and accommodation and food services).
  • Nonprofit share of total employment vs. the share of total employment represented by these other industries.
  • Nonprofit data in relation to total population and per capita median income.
More Download Options. Nonprofit Works Premium members have access to more download options, including:

  • PDF files
  • Machine-readable CSV files
Saved Searches. Nonprofit Works Premium members also have the exclusive ability of saving multiple full searches for quick future access, which will be available under the “saved searches” link right in the navigation bar.

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