EVMP Phase 1 Wrap-up Conference: ISTAT announces implementation in 2013 | Rome | 19 April 2012

By on June 26, 2012

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Over 100 people participated in the EVMP Phase 1 Wrap-up Conference held in Rome on 19 April 2012. The conference gave EVMP partners the opportunity to thank the funders and report on the Project’s progress in completing, disseminating, and encouraging adoption of the ILO Manual in Europe. The event, titled “The value and role of volunteering: Presentation of the ILO Manual on the Measurement of Volunteer Work,” convened in the prestigious conference hall of the Italian National Council of Economy and Labour (CNEL), was organized by EVMP partner SPES in collaboration with the funding partners ACRI, Forum del Terzo Settore, CONVOL, Consulta dei Comitati di Gestione, Consulta del Volontariato presso il Forum del Terzo Settore, and the Italian National Coordination of Voluntary Support Centres (CSVnet).

Center Director Lester M. Salamon presented an overview of the Manual and reported on EVMP progress to date to the participants, who were primarily representatives of Italian civil society networks. In his remarks Professor Salamon emphasized the importance of generating reliable, comparative data as the very basis to support and promote volunteering and its networks.
Gian Paolo Gualaccini, coordinator of the CNEL Observatory on Social Economy, which produced one of the first Italian efforts to shed light on the economic scale of organization-based volunteering, moderated a roundtable on the economic valuation of voluntary work in the non-profit sector. During the roundtable, pivotal civil society leaders including CNEL President Antonio Marzano, Forum del Terzo Settore Spokesperson Andrea Olivero and ACRI President Giuseppe Guzzetti discussed their views on measuring the social and economic impact of volunteering, and showed appreciation for the EVMP results.
Professor Leonardo Becchetti, an economist well known for his work on measuring happiness, then shared a stimulating speech on how different aspects of measurement can all contribute to the valuation of social capital. (Download the speech in Italian or English.)
EVMP partner CEV was well represented by Director Gabriella Civico and Policy and Project Officer Daniela Bosioc, who stressed the importance of EYV2011 policy developments and explained how European networks and national level developments can usefully complement each other to further the cause of volunteer measurement.
ISTAT announces implementation. A crucial and exciting development was the announcement by Linda Laura Sabbadini, Director of the Italian National Institute of Statistics‘ (ISTAT) Department for Social and Environmental Statistics, that ISTAT has agreed to implement the ILO Manual in the upcoming 2013 ISTAT survey “Aspects of everyday life,” and to throw its support behind encouraging Eurostat to make the volunteering module mandatory on the European level. Sabbadini also expressed appreciation for the excellent collaborative relationship ISTAT has enjoyed with the volunteering sector and announced that agreements will be made for a joint management of the implementation process. One such point of collaboration was described by Riccardo Guidi, Director of the Fondazione Volontariato e Partecipazione, who presented the challenges of a small-scale test of the Italian ILO Manual module that was carried out among Italian voluntary organisations in collaboration with ISTAT.
In addition, representatives of statistical institutes from Poland, Hungary, Montenegro, Portugal, and Germany illustrated briefly the state of play in their countries, reporting on implementation efforts and progress. Our report on this technical workshop, including country report summaries, is available here.
originally posted on 26 June 2012 at evmp.eu