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In Search of the Nonprofit Sector: Improving the state of the art (2001) « National « NED Bulletins « Nonprofit Economic Data Publications « U.S. Publications « Downloads
Date postedApril 16, 2001
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CCSS Working Paper #18 & Nonprofit Economic Data Bulletin #3 | Lester M. Salamon and Sarah Dewees. Identifies a set of criteria for evaluating the data sources currently available on the scale and structure of the U.S. nonprofit sector, applies these criteria to the existing sources of data to identify gaps that still exist, and describes how the work now underway through the Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Employment Project (NED) seeks to address these gaps and what the results have been to date. NED utilizes the ES-202 data source, a source of data on nonprofit employment and wages collected by State Employment Security Agencies as part of the federal government’s joint federal-state unemployment insurance program.


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