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Does the Focus on Paid-Staff Nonprofits Skew the True Scope of Voluntary Action? Evidence from a Case Study in Arts and Culture (2002) « U.S. Publications « Downloads
Date postedSeptember 16, 2002
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Tagsunited states, usa, north america, arts, employment, ccss working papers

CCSS Working Paper #20 | Stephan Toepler.
Much of our current understanding of the nonprofit sector and the degree of voluntary action in the United States is based on statistics drawn from official data sources that do not include information on small-scale grassroots activities. Some observers have argued that a focus on larger, paid-staff nonprofits has led to an inaccurate depiction of U.S. voluntary action. This paper presents data from a community study of cultural organizations, comparing small-scale groups to larger organizations to shed more light on the question of how skewed statistical maps based on official data sources might be.


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