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India: Defining the Nonprofit Sector (1993) « CNP Working Papers « Comparative Nonprofit Sector Publications « International Publications « Downloads
Date postedSeptember 12, 1993
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CategoriesCNP Working Papers, Comparative Nonprofit Sector Publications, International Publications
Tagsindia, asia

Comparative Nonprofit Sector Working Paper #12 | Siddhartha Sen.
Attributes the complexities of Indian society in religion, ethnicity, cultural diversity and politics as causes for the lack of an underlying trend in the Indian nonprofit sector. Divides the development of voluntarism into three periods of Indian history and links them with ancient religious scriptures. Explains the role of the British in the development of this sector during their colonization of India and the emphasis on philanthropic works by three major religious movements, Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh. Chronicles the development of the nonprofit sector following independence in 1947 and underlines differences between the conceptual and legal status of nonprofits in India.


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