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Report on the Nonprofit Workforce Roundtable (2008) « Listening Post Communiquès « Listening Post Publications « U.S. Publications « Downloads
Date postedAugust 26, 2008
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CategoriesListening Post Communiquès, Listening Post Publications, U.S. Publications
Tagsroundtable reports, nonprofit employment

Listening Post Communiqué #10 | Stephanie L. Geller, and Lester M. Salamon.
Summarizes the findings of the Listening Post roundtable on the Project’s 2007 Nonprofit Workforce Sounding. Five lessons emerged from the discussion: 1) The importance of selling “the context” of nonprofit jobs; 2) The realization that new, costly methods do not always have better results; 3) The importance of thinking creatively about bringing people into the sector; 4) The need to re-define work and the working environment; 5) The importance of professionalizing the human resource function.


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