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Forward Together: Empowering America’s Citizen Sector for the Change We Need (2008) « U.S. Publications « Downloads
Date postedDecember 15, 2008
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CategoriesU.S. Publications, Listening Post Publications
Tagspublic policy, nonprofit innnovation, nonprofit employment, lobbying and advocacy, nonprofit funding and revenues, recession impact, tax policy, forward together

Highlighting the role our nation’s nonprofit sector can play in economic recovery efforts, the Forward Together Declaration is an appeal to America’s public and private leadership to renew our country’s compact with the nonprofit sector through a series of actions that include reinvigorating and strengthening the partnership between government and the citizen sector, investing in citizen sector capacity to innovate and perform, and promoting new models of nonprofit finance. To date, over 400 nonprofit leaders have signed on to the Declaration. The Declaration was developed at a seminar that the Center organized under the auspices of its Listening Post Project.


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