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  • Nonprofit Governance and Accountability (2005)
    Listening Post Communiqué #4 | Lester M. Salamon and Stephanie L. Geller. Examines the governance and accountability practices that nonprofit organizations are using, focusing on six key areas of nonprofit operations: (1) transparency and financial accountability; (2) board roles and responsibilities; (3) conflict of interest and related ethics protections; (4) adherence to “best practice” standards; (5) changes in organizational structure and mission; and (6) board awareness.

  • Reality Testing: An Interview with Lester Salamon (Symphony Magazine, 2009)
    Symphony Magazine | February 2009. This interview with Center Director Lester Salamon from Symphony Magazine January - February 2009, discusses ways that nonprofit organizations can demonstrate their public value in light of increasing scrutiny and dwindling funding opportunities. The Center is grateful to Symphony Magazine for allowing us to post this piece.


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