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  • Investment Capital: The New Challenge for American Nonprofits (2006)
    Listening Post Communiqué #5 | Lester M. Salamon with Stephanie L. Geller. Explores the special challenges nonprofit organizations face in generating investment capital and the degree of success they have had in overcoming them.

  • Michigan Hosts Roundtable on Nonprofit Investment Capital (2009)
    Stephanie Lessans Geller and Lester M. Salamon. Summarizes the findings of the second Listening Post roundtable on the Project’s 2006 Nonprofit Investment Capital Sounding. Discussion revolved around 2 main themes: how nonprofits can gain access to investment capital, and the impact of the current credit crisis on their ability to access investment capital now and into the foreseeable future.

  • Report on the Nonprofit Investment Capital Roundtable (2007)
    Listening Post Communiqué #7 | Stephanie Lessans Geller and Lester M. Salamon with Nancy Hall. Summarizes the findings of the Listening Post roundtable on the Project’s 2006 Nonprofit Investment Capital Sounding. Nonprofits emphasized that they cannot access sufficient investment capital, and providers indicated that capital is available and financial instruments exist that can meet nonprofit needs. Thus, a major disconnect exists between these groups. Participants brainstormed ways to help bridge this gap, including education and the use of financial intermediaries and tax credits.

  • Seizing the Day: Opportunity in the Wake of Crisis (Nonprofit Quarterly, 2009)
    Nonprofit Quarterly | Winter 2009. This interview with Center Director Lester Salamon from Nonprofit Quarterly Winter 2009, discusses the impact of changes in the funding environment over the past decade, the need for nonprofits to increase access to investment capital and to engage in lobbying and advocacy, and ways for the nonprofit sector to cope with and thrive during the economic downturn. The Center is grateful to Nonprofit Quarterly for allowing us to post this piece.


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