Research Projects

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Listening Post

THE JOHNS HOPKINS LISTENING POST PROJECT identifies key trends and challenges facing the U.S. nonprofit sector and the innovative strategies nonprofits have adopted in response.

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New Frontiers of Philanthropy

THE NEW FRONTIERS OF PHILANTHROPY PROJECT is examining the proliferation of new tools and actors on the frontiers of traditional philanthropy that are ushering in a new phase of social purpose finance.

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Nonprofit Economic Data

THE JOHNS HOPKINS ECONOMIC DATA PROJECT (NED) is generating critical new information on the dynamics of the nonprofit sector by analyzing diverse datasets on nonprofit organizations, including data on nonprofit finances, employment and wages, and volunteering.

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Volunteer Measurement

THE VOLUNTEER MEASUREMENT PROJECT began by working with the International Labour Organization to develop the ILO Manual on the Measurement of Volunteer Work and is now working with partners around the world to encourage its implementation.

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UN Nonprofit Handbook

THE UN NONPROFIT HANDBOOK PROJECT supports the implementation of the United Nations Handbook on Nonprofit Institutions in the System of National Accounts and the measurement of civil society organizations by government statistics agencies worldwide.

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Comparative Nonprofit Sector

THE COMPARATIVE NONPROFIT SECTOR PROJECT (CNP) is the largest systematic effort ever undertaken to analyze into the scope, structure, financing, and impact of nonprofit activity around the world.

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Tools of Government

THE TOOLS OF GOVERNMENT PROJECT examines emerging tools of public action that are transforming the public sector from a provider to an arranger of services, with profound implications for public management and democratic governance.

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