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Listening Post

THE JOHNS HOPKINS LISTENING POST PROJECT identifies key trends and challenges facing the U.S. nonprofit sector and the innovative strategies nonprofits have adopted in response.

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About the Listening Post

THE JOHNS HOPKINS LISTENING POST PROJECT is monitoring in a systematic and timely way what is happening to nonprofit organizations in the U.S. To do so, the project has partnered with nonprofit umbrella organizations in several major nonprofit fields and with over 1,100 nonprofit organizations across the country representing diverse fields of nonprofit …

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Project Team

PROJECT TEAM. Center staff work closely with the project Steering Committee, which is composed of senior staff at partner organizations. Committee members help to guide the project, recruit participating agencies, and identify Sounding topics.    

Center Staff

Lester M. Salamon, Director Stephanie …

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Featured Listening Post

FEATURED LISTENING POSTS. Welcome to our Featured Listening Post section, where we will highlight project participants that are employing innovative strategies and techniques to address the key challenges we have analyzed in recent Listening Post Soundings. We hope this section will help diffuse promising innovations and provide greater insight into some of the …

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JHU_NonprofitValues _thumb_3.11.2013

Nonprofit Values

WHAT DO NONPROFITS STAND FOR? RENEWING THE NONPROFIT VALUE COMMITMENT     The challenges facing nonprofit organizations around the country can, in part, be attributed to an ongoing movement away from historical modes of operation and from widespread public assumptions about how nonprofits are supposed to operate. Though this movement is needed in …

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Listening Post Publications

LISTENING POST COMMUNIQUÉS. Listening Post Communiqués report the results of the project’s Soundings. Below, you will find a list of all published Communiqués. The project often supplements these publications with news releases that highlight the most salient findings of a given Sounding; these news releases can be found here. Please browse …

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