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NEWS RELEASE | A “win-win” solution for transforming the philanthropic landscape of the world

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   With the resources and capabilities of governments and private charity barely growing or in decline around the world, yet the problems of poverty, ill-health, and environmental degradation ballooning daily, it is increasingly clear that new energies, and new resources, are urgently needed to …

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NEWS RELEASE | Two new books from Lester Salamon explore the revolution under way on the frontiers of philanthropy and social investment


Oxford University Press and Lester Salamon Announce Two New Books: NEW FRONTIERS OF PHILANTHROPY and LEVERAGE FOR GOOD 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chelsea Newhouse

  With the resources of both governments and traditional philanthropy barely growing or in decline while the problems of poverty, ill-health and …

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The Center’s 12 gifts of 2012

  It has been another busy and productive year for the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies. We have expanded the base of knowledge about nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and around the world; gathered our Philanthropy Fellows family for our 21st Conference, this time in lovely Portugal; ventured farther than we have …

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European Economic and Social Committee Recommends EVMP

  The European Volunteer Measurement Project is a prominent featured recommendation in the Declaration released by European Economic and Social Committee Group III President Luca Jahier. This document complements institutional recognition the campaign to measure volunteering in …

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Council of the European Union Conclusions Recognize ILO Manual

  Following on the heels of the recommendation of the ILO Manual by the European Commission, the Center is delighted to announce that on 3 October 2011 the Council of the European Union officially invited Member States to measure volunteering and recognized the

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European Commission Recommends ILO Manual on the Measurement of Volunteer Work

The Center is excited to announce that on 20 September 2011 the European Commission officially recommended that: 

“Research and data collection on volunteering should be encouraged at the national level. In this context, the use of the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Manual …

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Counting the Volunteers the World Counts On

The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Civil Society Studies announced today the release of a new manual to help statistical agencies around the world track the amount, type …

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We’re listening — give us your thoughts on future Listening Post Soundings!

The Listening Post Project seeks to “take the pulse” of the nonprofit sector by fielding surveys on timely issues for nonprofits and making sure the findings are broadly disseminated to the sector and beyond. In the past year, we have covered cutting-edge topics such as what nonprofits want from the new presidential …

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