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Philanthropy Fellows

THE JOHNS HOPKINS INTERNATIONAL FELLOWS IN PHILANTHROPY PROGRAM provides a limited number of opportunities for highly-qualified researchers studying nonprofit or philanthropic organizations outside the United States to engage in independent research at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies, Center for Civil Society Studies. Research by program participants typically examines an aspect of U.S. nonprofit organizations, often in comparison with nonprofits in their home country, with the expectation that their new knowledge might benefit the nonprofit sector in their home country or region.
The Fellows Program also convenes regular conferences that bring Fellows together with civil society researchers and practitioners in a host country to discuss an issue of particular local interest.
Please continue reading for information about applying to the program or to learn more about the Fellows Program and Conferences.
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About the Fellows Program

ABOUT THE FELLOWS PROGRAM. In the Fall of 1988, five Fellows from five countries arrived on campus to become the first class of Johns Hopkins International Philanthropy Fellows. In the years since, the Fellows Network has grown to include 148 Fellows from 54 countries, representing virtually every continent and region of …

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Applying to the Fellows Program

PLEASE NOTE: Due to ongoing transitions in our parent Institute, we are not accepting applications at this time.

    APPLYING TO THE PROGRAM. Fellows are expected to complete a focused, rigorous, independent research project on some aspect of the civil society, philanthropic, or voluntary sector in the U.S., to …

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Fellows Conferences

THE FELLOWS CONFERENCES. The Philanthropy Fellows Conferences are an integral part of the Fellows program. These events provide a unique opportunity for Fellows to interface not only with each other, but with a wide array of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders from around the world, including a strong contingent of practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers …

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Fellows Network

THE FELLOWS NETWORK. Today, the network includes more than 140 Fellows from 53 countries, including many of the brightest stars of the academic community involved in the study of the nonprofit sector, as well as civil society leaders and innovators around the world. Click here to download a list of all …

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Fellows Support Fund

THE FELLOWS SUPPORT FUND. The Johns Hopkins International Fellows in Philanthropy Program has provided opportunities for nonprofit and philanthropic scholars and practitioners to spend time at the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies to conduct in-depth research that can be of use to the nonprofit sector of their countries. The Program …

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Fellows Publications

PHILANTHROPY FELLOWS PUBLICATIONS. The Fellows Program has published a series of Conference Action Statements as well as several Fellows-produced Journals. Below, you will find a list of all Fellows Program-generated publications. Please browse below, or or visit the Center’s publications database to browse all Center publications by category or search by …

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