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Applying to the Fellows Program

PLEASE NOTE: This program is currently under evaluation as a result of organizational transitions. We have not determined how these transitions will affect our ability to continue to host Fellows at our Center, costs associated with participation, application processes, and other matters. As such, the below information is subject to change.

Fellows are expected to complete a focused, rigorous, independent research project on some aspect of the civil society, philanthropic, or voluntary sector in the U.S.; to author a paper describing the results; and to present a seminar on either the results of the research or on the civil society, philanthropic, or voluntary sector in their home country. Fellows are mentored by a senior member of the Center staff, and are encouraged to take full advantage of the resources available at the Center. However, please note that this Fellowship is primarily geared toward the conduct of independent research; while Fellows have access to University library and online resources, it is not generally possible for Fellows to attend JHU classes during their time at the Center. Applicants may apply to participate in the program for one semester (four months) or a full academic year (nine months) following the Johns Hopkins academic calendar.
NOTE: All applicants are responsible for seeking their own source of funding. Program fees are US$8000 per semester. In addition, Fellows are responsible for securing their own off-campus housing and covering all living expenses (apartment rental, food, transportation, health insurance, etc.). For planning and budgeting purposes, applicants should assume that living expenses in Baltimore will be approximately $10,000 per semester. JHU does not provide on-campus housing for Fellows or visiting scholars. Because applicants are responsible for seeking their own source of funding, it is best to determine what those sources will be before applying to the program. Applicants will be asked to provide information regarding the availability of funding prior to final acceptance.

Who should apply?
Candidates of any nationality are welcome, with the exception that U.S. citizens are excluded from eligibility. If you are an American researcher who would like to explore the opportunity to spend some time at the Center, please see the Visiting Scholars page.
Successful candidates to the Fellows program will:

  • Possess a high degree of experience and demonstrated competence in research related to the voluntary, nongovernmental, nonprofit, or philanthropic sector.
  • Have a demonstrated track record of conducting independent inquiry and research.
  • At minimum, have a university diploma equivalent to the American Bachelor of Arts or Science degree.
  • Have a high degree of English fluency.

How do I apply?
All applicants for the International Fellows in Philanthropy Program should submit an initial inquiry including a curriculum vitae, and research abstract by email to Chelsea Newhouse. If the committee determines that the Center can accommodate a Fellow and has the capacity to advise the applicant on his/her research, applicants will be asked to submit a formal application, a fully developed research proposal, and supporting materials including letters of recommendation, degree and funding documentation, and proof of sufficient English language skills if they are not a native English speaker.
The Center is generally able to accommodate 1-2 Fellows per year. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and applicants are welcome to apply up to one year in advance of their intended start date. However, in order ensure sufficient time for the applicant to secure the required J-1 visa, inquiries for a Fall start date,(a single semester from September-December, or a full academic year from September-May) must be submitted by January 15; for a Spring start date (late January-May, single semester only), the deadline is August 15.