Two new reports from Canada highlight volunteering and giving data

By on December 7, 2015

Statistics Canada has released two new reports drawing on the 2013 General Social Survey (GSS) on Giving, Volunteering, and Participating to profile volunteering and giving in Canada. The first report, “Volunteering and charitable giving in Canada” by Martin Turcotte (English | French) presents information about individuals who volunteered in 2013, their characteristics, the number of hours they volunteered, changes in both volunteer rates and hours, and charitable giving, including changes in donation rates and in the amounts given by Canadians of all ages.
The second report, “Volunteering in Canada, 2004 to 2013” by Maire Sinha (English | French) provides a profile of volunteerism in Canada, examining trends in volunteer rates and hours volunteered, the characteristics of volunteers, the sectors benefiting from volunteering, volunteer activities, motivations for and barriers to volunteering, and patterns in informal volunteering.
You can download the full questionnaire on Giving, Volunteering, and Participating in English or French, and you can learn more about the methodology for the General Social Survey here.

STATCAN_Faces of Volunteers_English
STATCAN_Faces of Volunteers_English