Follow-up to the 2020 Nonprofit Employment Report: A State-Level Data Dashboard

By on June 22, 2020

Following on the heels of our Tuesday release of the 2020 Nonprofit Employment Report, we are pleased to invite you to explore our new interactive nonprofit employment data dashboard, which provides access to more detailed state-level data than we were able to include in the main report. In the dashboard, you can:

  • Hover over any state or territory in the map to see data on the nonprofit share of 2017 overall private employment and nonprofit employment as a share of manufacturing employment in that state or territory.
  • Click on a state or territory to see how nonprofit employment changed between 2007 and 2017; the share that nonprofits represent of private employment in the key fields of nonprofit activity, and how nonprofit wages compare to for-profit wages in the major fields of nonprofit activity.
  • National averages are also provided for comparison in the small figures below the map.


We hope you find this dashboard useful, and please don’t forget to download the full 2020 Nonprofit Employment Report, which includes the first available estimates of two aspects of the current COVID-19 crisis on the nonprofit employment scene, including:

  • The scale of impacts on nonprofit employment of the enormous economic and social changes unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  • The ability of nonprofit organizations to gain access to the Paycheck Protection Program put in place to shield American society from this impact based on the number of employees.




Chelsea Newhouse is the Communications Manager for the Center for Civil Society Studies and manages the Center's Nonprofit Economic Data and Philanthropication thru Privatization Projects and the Nonprofit Works Interactive Database. Prior to joining the Center in 2008, she worked for the Johns Hopkins University Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics, the Baltimore Sun, and as a community organizer for Clean Water Action and the Democratic National Committee. She holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Virginia. Chelsea can be reached at