Kyrgyzstan Collaborative Governance Project

Our Center is working in partnership with the East-West Management Institute (EWMI) to implement the Kyrgyzstan Collaborative Governance Project (KCGP). KCGP is a five-year project that fosters effective collaboration between members of civil society, private business leaders, and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic resulting in a more responsive and accountable government, as well as a more credible, sustainable civil society. Building upon USAID’s and other donors’ previous support to Kyrgyz civil society, KCGP supports government efforts to increase civil society participation in service delivery through social procurement mechanisms. Simultaneously, CGP works to strengthen Kyrgyz civil society’s ability to shape public policy, perform government oversight, and expand advocacy efforts. KCGP is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
In particular, our Center is supporting CGP’s work with a consortium of Kyrgyz public and private universities and the Ministry of Education (MoEd) to introduce nonprofit management (NPM) courses; improve existing NPM courses; and enhance academic capabilities and resources for NPM. Our Center provides training for professional development workshops and curriculum development support.
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