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What are the advantages of Nonprofit Works Premium?

As detailed on the Getting Started page, some data—including average weekly wages and comparative and contextual data—and other features of Nonprofit Works are only available to Nonprofit Works Premium members. By becoming a Nonprofit Works Premium member, you will have access to all of the data and features available to free members, plus:

More Data. Nonprofit Works Premium members have access to additional data sets, including:

  • Average weekly wage paid by nonprofits from 1990-2011 and 2016 by state, county, and industry.
  • Comparison to employment, establishments, and wages in the for-profit and government (all levels) sectors.
  • Nonprofit share of private (nonprofit + for-profit) or total (nonprofit + for-profit + government) employment or establishments by state, county, and industry.
  • Nonprofit data in relation to total population, population under 19 years of age, population over 64 years of age, per capita median income, and public assistance share of median income.
More Download Options. Nonprofit Works Premium members have access to more download options, including:

  • PDF files
  • Machine-readable CSV files
Saved Searches. Nonprofit Works Premium members also have the exclusive ability of saving multiple full searches for quick future access, which will be available under the “saved searches” link right in the navigation bar.

What are the Nonprofit Works Premium membership options?

Individual Memberships. There are several options for those wishing to create an individual Nonprofit Works Premium membership.

  • 24 hours ($10). If you only anticipate needing access to Nonprofit Works’ Premium for a short time, or if you just want to explore Nonprofit Works Premium before committing to a longer-term or organizational account, we have created this option for a single day’s access at a reduced cost. This 24-hour account option will give you full access to all of the Premium features listed above for the duration for the membership.
  • 30 days ($100). If you would like access to Nonprofit Works’ Premium features for an intermediate term, you can choose the 30 day option.
  • 1 year ($500). For a full 365 day access period to Nonprofit Works’ Premium, you can choose this option.
Click here to sign up for a Nonprofit Works Premium individual account and get started exploring the data today.

Organizational or Multi-user Memberships. Nonprofit Works also offers an option for organizations or others wishing to purchase either full Nonprofit Works Premium access or membership discounts for their members, constituents, partners, colleagues, or customers. The Center for Civil Society Studies’ team will be happy to work with you to customize these memberships to fit your needs and budget. Please contact us to get started!

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