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Brazil: Defining the Nonprofit Sector (1993) « CNP Working Papers « Comparative Nonprofit Sector Publications « International Publications « Downloads
Date postedSeptember 6, 1993
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CategoriesCNP Working Papers, Comparative Nonprofit Sector Publications, International Publications
Tagsbrazil, latin america

Comparative Nonprofit Sector Working Paper #9 | Leilah Landim.
The notion of nonprofit organizations is unfamiliar to Brazilian social and economic thought, but it is gradually gaining prominence. Ties the emergence of the nonprofit sector to the close links between the Church and the population. Indicates a shift in the last decade of the nineteenth century where voluntary organizations came up on their own and covered more diverse areas of political and professional interests. Studies the relationship between the fiscal sector and the nonprofit sector, as well as the legal status of these organizations. Discusses the reemergence of the relationship between the Catholic church and the State as a mechanism to maintain social order.


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