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Rethinking Corporate Social Engagement: Lessons from Latin America (2010) « International Publications « Downloads
Date postedMay 1, 2010
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CategoriesInternational Publications, New Frontiers in Philanthropy Publications, Books
Tagslatin america, csr, corporate social responsibility, philanthropy

ISBN 978-1-56549-314-8; 978-1-56549-313-1 | Lester M. Salamon.
Assesses the reality behind the “corporate social engagement (CSE)” hype in Latin America. Challenges the “MBA approach” that has dominated much of the thinking about CSE globally as inadequate for a region like Latin America and posits an alternative “corporate social engagement pyramid” as a framework for assessing CSE. Reports that many advanced Latin American companies have moved fairly far up this pyramid in ways that hold lessons for corporations everywhere. Offers a constructive critique of received wisdom about CSE and a roadmap that companies and civil society organizations in other regions can follow. This book can be ordered from Amazon or Kumarian Press.


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