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Brazil: Nonprofit Institutions Satellite Account, 2002 (2010) « International Publications « Downloads
Date postedNovember 4, 2010
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CategoriesInternational Publications, UN Handbook Publications, Nonprofit Satellite Accounts
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Instituto Brasilerio de Geografia e Estatistica (IBGE) produced this pilot non-profit institutions satellite account for Brazil for the year 2002 in partnership with the Center and UN Volunteers. The results of this study show that the nonprofit sector in Brazil represents a significant economic force, employing a sizable share of the workforce, and contributing to the Brazilian economy on a par with other major industries. In the process, the report demonstrates the feasibility of generating regular, detailed economic data on the nonprofit sector in Brazil at a level of detail not available through other sources. It is our hope that the report will lead to a permanent system for generating satellite accounts in the country to document the role and activity of the country’s important nonprofit institution sector. The findings show that the nonprofit sector value added in Brazil was about 34.2 billion Real (USD$26.4 billion) in 2002. Including the value of volunteers, this translates into a nonprofit sector that accounted for approximately 2.3 percent of the aggregate value of the economy in 2002.


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