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Outsourcing-Lessons from Abroad (English, 2009) « International Publications « Downloads
VersionEnglish Language
Date postedJune 16, 2009
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CategoriesInternational Publications, Tools of Government
Tagsasia, china

Leon E. Irish, Lester M. Salamon, and Karla W. Simon
This study aims to provide the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MoCA) of the People’s Republic of China an overview of international experience with the use of direct and indirect, consumer and producer side instruments for engaging civil society organizations in the delivery of government-financed social and human services. The discussion in the report falls into three major parts. Part I offers an overview of the scale of the civil society sector globally and of the extent and patterns of government support for it. Against this backdrop, Part II then examines in more detail the experience of particular countries with government-nonprofit cooperation with respect to outsourcing social services. Finally, based on these experiences, the final part offers some suggestions for the Government of China as it seeks to fashion a workable relationship with the emerging Chinese CSO sector. Also available in Chinese.


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