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What Do Nonprofits Stand For? Renewing the nonprofit value commitment (2012) « U.S. Publications « Downloads
Date postedDecember 6, 2012
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Tagslobbying and advocacy, nonprofit values

Listening Post Communiqué #22 | Lester M. Salamon, Stephanie L. Geller, and Chelsea L. Newhouse.
This Communiqué reports on the Listening Post Project‘s survey on nonprofit values. The survey found a widespread consensus that seven values−being productive, effective, enriching, empowering, responsive, reliable, and caring−lie at the core of the nonprofit sector. However, the survey also found that many nonprofit leaders feel that the sector must do a better job of articulating and communicating these values among their stakeholders in the media, government, and general public. In addition to providing the results of this first-of-its-kind survey, this report also puts forth a proposed “renewal strategy” for the sector, to help nonprofits recommit to their core values and to provide a common language for communicating those core values to crucial stakeholders in light of the profound challenges facing the sector around the U.S. today.


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