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The Resilient Sector Revisited: The New Challenge to Nonprofit America. Second Edition (2015) « U.S. Publications « Downloads
Date postedDecember 14, 2015
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CategoriesU.S. Publications, Books

ISBN 978-0-8157-2454-4 | Lester M. Salamon.
This second edition of The Resilient Sector provides a wealth of new data to paint a compelling picture of an important set of American institutions buffeted by a withering set of challenges, yet still finding ways to survive and prosper. Operating in an increasingly competitive environment in which traditional sources of government and philanthropic support have proved difficult to expand, U.S. nonprofits have turned decisively, and successfully, to the market. But this survival strategy has put at risk many of the very features that make nonprofits so valuable. To reduce these risks, Salamon recommends a “renewal strategy” for the nation’s nonprofit sector that begins with a clearer articulation and application of the sector’s “value proposition.” This download contains the flyer and table of contents for The Resilient Sector Revisited, published by the Brookings Institution Press. The full volume is available for order from Amazon and Brookings in hard copy and e-reader editions.


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