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The BOTA Foundation: A Model for the Safe Return of Stolen Assets? (2016) « International Publications « Downloads
Date postedDecember 26, 2016
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CategoriesInternational Publications, PtP Publications
Tagsptp, philanthropication, privatization, philanthropication thru privatization, case studies, bota foundation, bornstein

Aaron Bornstein.
This report represents the first in a series of case studies undertaken by the Philanthropication thru Privatization (PtP) Project and reports on perhaps the major example to date of the application of the PtP concept to stolen or stranded assets: the case of the BOTA Foundation in Kazakhstan, which arose from the seizure of the assets that an American citizen secured from a number of U.S. oil companies in the 1990’s and delivered to officials in the Government of Kazakhstan in order to secure prospecting and oil drilling rights for the companies in the Caspian Sea.

To prepare this case study, the PtP Project enlisted Mr. Aaron Bornstein, who served as a program director, and later as the executive director, of the BOTA Foundation on behalf of IREX, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization selected by the World Bank in response to a competitive tender to operate this foundation. To ensure the objectivity of this account, the draft was been submitted for review by personnel from the World Bank and IREX that were involved in the BOTA case. Edited and with a foreword by PtP Project Director Lester M. Salamon.


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