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How to Apply PtP to Stolen or Stranded Assets (PtP How-To Booklet no. 1, 12.2017) « International Publications « Downloads
Date postedDecember 3, 2017
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CategoriesInternational Publications, PtP Publications
Tagssalamon, bota foundation, bornstein, stolen assets, stranded assets, penalty-based assets, dormant assets, how-to booklets, guidance

PtP How-To Booklet no. 1 | Aaron Bornstein and Lester M. Salamon.
This booklet, like the others in this series, is designed to acquaint citizens with how the PtP concept can be effectively and usefully applied to one particularly huge asset class—stolen or stranded assets or assets resulting from cases of corporate negligence or misdeeds. To do so, the booklet first explains how such assets come into existence, what their known scale is at present and what it is likely to be in the foreseeable future, why their restitution becomes a matter for government decision, and what difficulties have arisen in the restitution process. It then looks at how PtP can overcome the obstacles and dilemmas that restitution of such assets often encounters and the win-win outcomes that can result for governments, businesses, and the citizens from whom such assets are often taken or who are often the victims of the crimes for which the penalties are imposed.


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