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  • Turkey: Turkey's Nonprofit Sector in Comparative Perspective (2016)
    Mustafa Özer, S. Wojciech Sokolowski, Megan A. Haddock, and Lester M. Salamon. This is a report comparing the scope, composition, expenditures, history, and legal environment of the nonprofit sector in Turkey to its counterparts in other countries. The report draws on the data generated from the implementation of the Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project in Turkey, conducted in partnership with Andalou University and includes the application of the social origins theory of civil society development to the sector in Turkey.

  • Turkey: The Current Environment for Civil Society in Turkey (2015)
    Comparative Nonprofit Sector Working Paper #53 | Burak Özçetin and Mustafa Özer. This paper outlines the policy environment in which civil society organizations in Turkey operate as of 2014.

  • Turkey: Major Periods of Civil Society Sector Development (2014)
    Comparative Nonprofit Sector Working Paper #52 | Burak Özçetin, Ulaş Tol, M.Ali Çalışkan, and Mustafa Özer. This paper traces the origins and development of civil society organizations and links it to the evolution of state power in Turkey.

  • Turkey: Nonprofit Law (2014)
    Comparative Nonprofit Sector Working Paper #51 | Kasım Akbaş. Looks into the legal requirements and forms that shape the Turkish nonprofit sector, examining the many laws, regulations, and norms regulating each major type of NPO in Turkey, as well as the specific regulations within these major types.


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