What do nonprofits stand for? Renewing the nonprofit value commitment

The challenges facing nonprofit organizations around the country can, in part, be attributed to an ongoing movement away from historical modes of operation and from widespread public assumptions about how nonprofits are supposed to operate. Though this movement is needed in order for organizations to survive and fulfill their missions in an increasingly competitive environment, it has blurred the borders between nonprofits and for-profits, caused confusion about what sets nonprofits apart, and led to a key erosion of public trust.
To combat this, the nonprofit sector must renew its commitment to the qualities and attributes make them such a special, and important, part of American society. To kick off this renewal, the Center’s Listening Post Project fielded a survey that found that an overwhelming majority of respondents were able to agree on seven core values—being PRODUCTIVE, EMPOWERING, EFFECTIVE, ENRICHING, RELIABLE, RESPONSIVE, and CARING—that are crucial to the nonprofit sector and that, in aggregate, truly set the sector apart.
This survey and the report it generated, “What do Nonprofits Stand For? Renewing the nonprofit value commitment,” are intended to be the first steps toward a broad conversation and renewal within the sector. Please join us on Twitter (use #nonprofitvalues) and Facebook to add your voice!
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