European Volunteer Measurement Project (EVMP)

About the EVMP

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Launched during the 2011 European Year of Volunteering with the support of Associazione Di Fondazioni E Di Casse Di Risparmio Spa (ACRI), the European Volunteer Measurement Project was a collaboration between the European Volunteer Centre (CEV), Centro di Servizio per il Voluntario del Lazio (SPES), and the Center for Civil Society Studies, which aimed to disseminate the ILO Manual on the Measurement of Volunteering and to promote its implementation throughout Europe.
In addition to several countries deciding to implement the ILO Manual, the Project secured support for improving the measurement of volunteering, and use of the ILO Manual to do so, from numerous governing bodies and policy makers throughout Europe – including the Council of the European Union, the European Commission unit in charge of the European Year of Volunteering, the European Parliamentary Volunteering Interest Group, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions, the 18th International Conference of Labour Statisticians, and the Statistics Department of the International Labour Organization.

Achievements of the EVMP

April 2012 progress report: english | italiano
Thanks to the efforts of our supporters, the EVMP was able to make significant progress and impact during its short lifespan. In addition to the data and implementation resources generated through the implementation of the ILO Manual, the EVMP was able to host or participate in several meetings throughout EYV 2011 and 2012 that further raised awareness of this crucial resource and the importance of ensuring its measurement.

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EVMP Supporters

In addition to the three primary Project partners, the EVMP secured pledges from several organizations throughout Europe to provide crucial support to the EVMP during its active dissemination phase. Many of these organizations hosted meetings, prepared documents in support of the implementation of the ILO Manual, and provided a powerful voice for the on-the-ground civil society sector in the effort to encourage the measurement and appreciation of volunteering in Europe: