Volunteer Measurement Project Team

The Center worked with the ILO Department of Statistics and an International Technical Experts Group to develop the ILO Manual on the Measurement of Volunteer Work. Now that it has been published, the Center has partnered with volunteer promotion agencies to form the Volunteer Measurement Project to promote its implementation. If you would like to learn more about how your organization can help to move these projects forward in your country, please contact us.

Center Staff

Lester M. Salamon, Director
Megan Haddock, Research Project Manager
S. Wojciech Sokolowski, Senior Research Associate (deceased)
Chelsea Newhouse, Communications Associate

Partner Organizations

The European Volunteer Centre (CEV) is the European network of over 88 national, regional and local volunteer centres and volunteer support agencies across Europe, that together work to support and promote voluntary activity. Through their network, CEV reaches out to over 17,000 volunteer organisations, associations and other voluntary and community groups at the local, regional, national and in some cases international level. CEV channels the collective priorities and concerns of its member organisations to the institutions of the European Union. It also acts as a central forum for the exchange of policy, practice and information on volunteering. CEV’s vision is a Europe in which volunteering is central in building a cohesive and inclusive society based on solidarity and active citizenship. Our vision is to create an enabling political, social and economic environment in Europe for the full potential of volunteering to be realized. As part of CEV’s mandate to host the Secretariat for the implementation of the civil society strand of the European Year of Volunteering 2011, they joined in the effort to promote implementation of the ILO Manual in Europe under the European Volunteer Measurement Project.
International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) exists to promote, strengthen and celebrate the development of volunteering worldwide; it is the only international organisation for which this is the primary aim. IAVE was founded in 1970 by a group of volunteers from around the world who saw in volunteering a means of making connections across countries and cultures. It has grown into a global network of volunteers, volunteer organisations, national representatives and volunteer centres, with members in over 70 countries, and in all world regions. The majority of IAVE members are in developing countries.
Associazione Promozione e Solidariety (SPES) is a volunteering support centre, constituted through the initiative of seven nonprofit organizations in order to promote, develop and support volunteering organizations on the territory of the Lazio region. The operative philosophy behind these Centres is that of enhancing the resources already present in the region through setting up a network that allows the experience and patrimony of volunteering to be exchanged among the voluntary organizations to better their performance. The activities of the volunteering support centres are defined in Art. 4 of Treasury Decree of 8 October 1997, their aim being to create the means and initiatives to stimulate the growth of solidarity, promote new voluntary initiatives and empower the existing ones; offer qualified counseling and support as well as instruments for the planning, set up and running of specific activities; organize training and qualification programmes for members of voluntary organizations; and offer information, news, documentation and data on local and national voluntary activities. SPES is to favor the diffusion, the growth and the quality of volunteering and of solidarity in the Lazio region, by granting free-of-charge services that unite professional capacities and attention to specific needs of the volunteering world. Aiming at a more mature participation of the volunteering world, new organizations members have joined the association “Promozione e Solidarietà” through years, the final aim being an ever ampler consensus on the spirit of service and networking that represents the primary imprinting of all SPES activities. To these ends, SPES they joined in the effort to promote implementation of the ILO Manual in Europe under the European Volunteer Measurement Project.
Global Service Leaders (GSL) motivates and connects emerging leaders from around the world to address community challenges through volunteerism. An initiative of the Meridian International Center, GSL draws upon Meridian’s 50 years as a center for international leadership development and its extensive networks in over 180 countries. Meridian helps volunteer leaders strengthen their role as leaders in their community and connects these aspiring leaders to a global community of peers and mentors. GSL supports members in their application of best practices, helps them develop important leadership skills, and provides them the network and resources to overcome inevitable challenges.

A number of other organizations have lent their support to the implementation effort, including:

ILO Department of Statistics
United Nations Volunteers
The Skoll Foundation
The Ford Foundation
EU Task Force on the European Year of Volunteering
The Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
EYV 2011 Alliance