Fellows Conferences

The Philanthropy Fellows Conferences are an integral part of the Fellows program. These events provide a unique opportunity for Fellows to interface not only with each other, but with a wide array of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders from around the world, including a strong contingent of practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers from the host country.
Unlike many other academic conferences, which treat the local venue as only a physical site for a meeting, each Johns Hopkins Philanthropy Fellows Conference focuses squarely on the civil society sector of the host country. The conferences thus provide extraordinary opportunities to learn about the nonprofit sector in the host countries and to meet local sector leaders, as well as to network with the exceptional group of civil society leaders from throughout the world who comprise the Johns Hopkins International Philanthropy Fellows network.


The purpose of these Conferences is to foster a vibrant and active network among participants in the Fellows program by gathering alumni to welcome newcomers to the program, and providing a forum for exchanging experiences and a mechanism for international foundations and corporations to gain solid contacts with informed and able people involved in nonprofit work in a wide assortment of countries.

Past conferences

Previous conferences have taken place in Nairobi, Bucharest, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Bangalore, Santiago, Melbourne, London, Krakow, Lille, Amsterdam, Rome, Jerusalem, Accra, Mexico City, Beijing, Moscow, Barcelona, Milan, and Lisbon.
In addition to the Fellows, the Center typically invites a small group of senior leaders in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector in the U.S. and around the world. Past attendees have included the president of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Japan, the presidents of the Charles Stewart Mott and Bush foundations in the U.S., the director of the NGO office of the Canadian Development Agency, the executive director of the Meyer Foundation in Australia, the executive vice-president and the program officer for nonprofit sector affairs at the Ford Foundation, the head of the European Foundation Center, the assistant director of the Fondation de France, the executive director of the Charities Aid Foundation in the U.K., the vice president for international activities of the Council on Foundations, the vice president for government relations of Independent Sector, the executive director of the National Council on Voluntary Organizations in the U.K., and many others.
Below is a list of Conference Action Statements from previous conferences. To learn more about the most recent conference, held in Lisbon in 2012, click here.