International Fellows in Philanthropy Publications

The Fellows Program has published a series of Conference Action Statements as well as several Fellows-produced Journals. Below, you will find a list of all Fellows Program-generated publications. Please browse below, or or visit the Center’s publications database to browse all Center publications by category or search by keyword.
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Conference Action Statements

A product of the International Philanthropy Fellows annual conferences, these statements summarize the best international thinking about the roles and contributions of nonprofit organizations.

Fellows Journals

The Journal of the Johns Hopkins International Philanthropy Fellows was founded by the Fellows in order to provide an open stage for exchange of ideas and to create another track for enriching our knowledge and understanding of the nonprofit or third sector throughout the world. Although the journal was created for the Fellows’ internal needs and means, they believe that it could benefit wider circles throughout the sector by sharing knowledge, ideas and a sense of the activities and trends characterizing the sector throughout the years.